Unlock the Power of AI: Unusual Ways AI Can Work For You

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can optimize how businesses operate. Offering many benefits to business owners and executives. From automation to optimization, AI is everywhere.

At least, that is the hype. Your success comes from knowing how AI fits into building business relationships. Then, building on a solid foundation of critical thinking, use AI appropriately.

Become A More Productive Producer In Your Industry Now

In today's episode, we explore some realistic advantages of AI. Including how it can help you be more productive and efficient every day. I go into full training mode here.

Unusual Ways ChatGPT Can Work For You (YouTube, 46:06)

If you don't use AI the right way, it will be a kick in the teeth. That's because people like me, business analysts, will find applications in competitive markets.

Many make the mistake of thinking AI is magical because it is new. Large Language Models (LLM) implement Natural Language Processing (NLP). Modern computers make it faster, yet NLP has existed since the early 1900s.

AI concepts evolved from Alan Turing's paper (1950) describing a test for a “thinking” machine. He surmised that if a machine could be part of a conversation, imitating a human so completely with no noticeable differences, then the machine could be considered capable of thinking.

This is as much the perception of the user as the machine's imitation of thought. Today, there is no difference between an AI and an entry-level worker regarding many information retrieval tasks.

AI is replacing entry-level workers, especially in small offices like mine. There are social challenges with this, yet significant efficiency gains. Something that might take a week, but I get an answer in a few seconds.

Start Using AI in Workflow To Increase Productivity

Here are some unusual ways AI, including ChatGPT, can work for you:

  1. Streamlining Business Processes: AI can help identify inefficiencies in your business processes and then suggest improvements. This leads to increased productivity and cost savings. By automating repetitive tasks, AI can free up your time and resources. Allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  2. Develop contextual understanding: AI can pretend to be your target customer with the right prompt. Use this role-play to develop narrative language representing how your customers think. Even test customer avatars.
  3. Enhancing Decision-Making: AI can analyze data and provide insights to help you make informed decisions. This reduces the risk of poor choices. AI-driven analytics can help you better understand your business's performance. Make data-driven decisions that drive growth and success.
  4. Personalized Marketing and Customer Engagement: AI can create personalized marketing campaigns based on customer data. Leading to more effective targeting and higher conversion rates. By understanding your customers' preferences and behaviors, you'll deliver tailored experiences. Start fostering loyalty and drive revenue.
  5. Improved Talent Acquisition and Retention: AI can analyze job applicants' resumes and match them with suitable job openings. While making it harder on candidates, you improve the hiring process's efficiency. AI can help identify factors contributing to employee satisfaction and retention.
  6. Enhanced Financial Management: AI can analyze receipts and categorize expenses, making managing your finances and tracking spending easier. By automating financial tasks, you can save time and reduce the risk of errors. Even in small business markets, QuickBooks has AI for transaction matching.
  7. AI-Powered Language Translation: AI can translate documents and communications in real time. Use this to open new markets. Now, it enables you to collaborate with global partners more effectively. Translates are surprisingly accurate.
  8. Risk Management and Mitigation: AI can analyze data to identify potential risks and suggest mitigation strategies. This can help you stay ahead of possible issues. You'll be more proactive and can focus resources on top priorities. Lower the regulatory cost of doing business while reducing reputational risk.
  9. Extract Critical Ideas and Concepts: As a summarization engine, AI can turn volumes of content into bullet points. Turn articles into social media posts. Summarize the latest news and even outline key ideas for presentations. It doesn't replace fact-checking and reading the original materials, yet it helps you zero in on key concepts.

AI in your workflow has many benefits, from streamlining processes to enhancing decision-making. Yet, it can create a false sense of power and reinforce cognitive biases.

Leveraging the power of AI the right way matters. You can gain a competitive advantage, improve efficiency, and drive growth. Or get sucked down a rabbit hole of hallucinations.

Get Professional Help on How To Use AI in Strategic Relations

Are you interested in harnessing the power of AI for your business? Consider hiring a consultant with expertise in AI implementation and integration. Be mindful of the risks AI can introduce.

Don't forget that AI has its drawbacks. Like any tool, it can have faults as an unskilled user may not know they are being harmed. At this time, many data scientists working with AI don't know how it formulates responses.

That's why this particular training is so critical. You have to know that AI is no different from hiring a human. It will make mistakes, misguide you, and amplify your errors in thinking. Without thoughtful implementation, it will disappoint you.

I can help you identify the best AI solutions for your business needs. My risk-mindful approach guides you through the implementation process. Use processes and controls to provide ongoing support that ensures successful deliverables.

Then again, strategic relations help you think more clearly. You'll be able to guide any tool to serve your interests best. Like any tool, in the hands of a master, outcomes surpass the average.

Where to Start To Maximize Your Productivity With AI

No need to invest in AI for its own sake. AI is everywhere. Start with high-value productivity tasks with a low risk of failure.

Leverage it to support outcome management, focused effort, and driving out your objectives. Don't chase it as a shiny object. Think of AI as a query tool to supplement your team according to specific processes.

Like any process improvement, develop baseline measures, focus on high impact, and use metrics to determine what works. Jumping into AI as if it's anything other than a tool is a disaster for most. The hype around it reminds me of the dot.com boom.

If you are a subject-matter expert, I've got a few solid models for being a more productive writer using AI. This is NOT about having AI write for you. Instead using AI to enhance your understanding of an uninformed reader.

There are so many practical examples. Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock your full potential with AI and stay ahead of the competition. What's holding you back?

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