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Welcome to Inside Strategic Relations, the only resource available for high-income professionals and entrepreneurs who want to cultivate influence.

The power of influence comes with strong communications, understanding human behavior, and how decisions are made.

You'll discover insights to be heard, lead business and personal outcomes, plus much more. You are in the right place if you are ready to implement what elevates your career and business position.

Who is Justin Hitt? Why should you care?

I'm Justin Hitt, I've helped clients reach new heights in business. To create more than $300,000,000.00 in new business. I've optimized business processes to save millions, connecting clients with decision-makers, and opening doors that were hidden.

How did I do this for small businesses and large businesses as well? It was done through the concept of strategic relations. The use of human behavior to engineer situations that produce desired outcomes.

Results come from working with the right people. Bringing the most powerful resources available to you at the table. Arranging strategic contacts, introductions, and even gathering inside information.

You'll learn these methods plus much more. Working with government contractors, government agencies, and a wide range of growing businesses. From individuals who run small businesses, to leaders in large businesses — results are measurable.

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