Q0808A Reverse Bad Government

It is no secret that the United States and numerous governments worldwide are struggling in dramatic ways. The rights of citizens are at risk, war is at hand, and destructive policies live on beyond those politicians who create them.

Will You Have The Knowledge Necessary To Defend Freedoms In Peace And War?

The failure of government isn't anything new. Learn how to protect your family from runaway inflation, questionable elections, and political hyenas hell-bent on power. You are the individual minority who will suffer. What kind of life will you leave to your children.

Your civic duty is to understand how government works, the types of government, and what to do as a citizen to make a change. The kind of change that improves economic and social opportunities for all people. Not the equity of outcome but the fair playing field for all who choose to succeed.

There is no political agenda in this special report. It is being made available as part of a pre-launch program for liberty-minded individuals who want change. You will receive:

  • Pre-release manuscript, currently 95 pages long. It covers the types of government from a historical perspective, essays about why governments fail, and steps for getting the government you want. (a $795 commission)
  • Get answers to all your concerns through a mindful assessment. Complete and return the enclosed assessment for a custom response on how to address an out-of-control government. You'll get actionable insights. (a $397 value)
  • Participate in shaping the remaining content of this report. Your questions, comments, and feedback will help finish this manuscript. This participation gives you a complete resource tailored to your needs. (a $997 value)
  • Answer specific questions with a 45-minute consultation. You will describe your situation, key challenges, and any questions. We'll develop an approach to get your desired outcome in a private telephone consultation. FIRST 50 ONLY. (a $397 value.)
  • Get a final copy of this unique report REVERSE BAD GOVERNMENT. You will have access to manuscript updates digitally; after publication (approx. 3-to-6 months), you will receive a complete signed print edition. Plus, have access to digital supplements. (a $999 value.)

This program is for those who have worked too hard to lose everything in civil unrest or societal collapse!

You get $3,585 in value, with a target retail price of $2,995 to include a consulting package. Founders also receive three additional consulting coupons (a $1,191 value) plus a custom action plan (a $3997 value) tailored to your specific needs.

Founders tend to be groups, business owners, and high-income professionals. If you so desire, you will have a mention in credits for the digital component of this program. Founders are anyone who contributes $2,500 or more to this effort; contact my offices for details.

You get 12-months of access, including all updates, or this SPECIAL pre-launch rate. Do not miss this opportunity to secure your liberty in times of uncertainty.

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