Yes, You Can Transform Business Relationships Into Profits Guaranteed

It's easy to get started.  Choose from two membership levels, GOLD or PLATINUM.  Inside Strategic Relations is a private advisory service for business owners and executives.

Gain access to valuable research that helps you transform business relationships into social influence and power.  You get intelligence reports, exclusive content, and access to advisory services.

No other coaching solution gets you the access and influence you seek in business. Discover what makes some individuals more powerful than others. Get more of what you want with these insights.

Both membership levels are subject to approval after the application process. Do not apply to PLATINUM unless you've been invited.  Thank you for your consideration.

Standard Membership
$197 for 1 Year
A unique newsletter for top-earning professionals and entrepreneurs helps leverage relationship skills for more significant influence. Unlock what makes you irresistible for any business opportunity.
- Increase your sales and profits,
- Connect with final decision-makers,
- Layoff proof your future,
- Get recognition as a subject matter expert,
GOLD Membership
$397 / Month
Practical insights that unlock Influence and Power of Business Relationships Concierge content and priority access for questions.
- Unlock influence and power of business relationships,
- Transform business relationships into profits,
- Open doors previously closed to you in business,
$3,997 / Month
Get everything available to GOLD and Standard members. Get done with you services that help you transform business relationships into profits guaranteed. Practical insights and measurable results.
- VIP access to all training programs and resources,
- Closed door sessions specific to members individual interests,
- Unique tailored research, analysis, and solutions not available elsewhere,
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