Are You Tired of Being Passed Over For Raises, Promotions, and New Opportunities Because You're Not the Number One Choice?

As a high-earning professional, you are at the bottom of the promotion list. After all, society says you make too much and should get less.

It doesn't matter that you put in the hours necessary to educate yourself. You don't get credit for those years where you bust your ass working all hours matter.

In this new world of entitlement rather than exceptionalism, it is tough for those who work hard. Especially when you see others get so much for nothing.

Finally, Change Your Future While Insulating Yourself from The Coming Idiocy

With so many experts online, it's hard to know who has real answers. Even inside a business with thousands of employees, who can really step up?

It's often easier for leadership to run a new position through human resources rather than promoting internally. But what if you could be the top choice before the listing?

Top earners risk becoming invisible, especially as they get older. New ideas are what folks want, not evergreen ideas that work consistently.

What Executives Know That Let's Them Leap From One Golden Parachute To Another

Executives use relationships rather than skills to get in on new opportunities. Relationships alone won't make a top salary; however, they help with consideration.

Your ability to create and cultivate profitable relationships also helps solve problems. In this newsletter, you'll discover …

  • The power of critical thinking in problem solving,
  • Strategies for gaining unfair influence in negotiations,
  • How to become a recognized expert in your field,
  • Make money with your knowledge and abilities,
  • Unlock new connections beyond social media,
  • Get invited to all the best parties and opportunities,
  • Insider secrets to being an in the know go to person,

These insights go beyond your career and business life. You'll use these strategies to raise funds for your favorite charity, get better seats at events, and connect.

Is it Okay to Have a Competitive Advantage Over Others IN Your Field? Privilege?

Unfair is often in the eye of the beholder. It isn't unfair for you to have an advantage due to preparation, yet an outside observer may think otherwise.

Your ability to connect with the right people matters. Strategic relations is about cultivating mutually beneficial relationships.

It's not who you know, but instead, “Who knows you in a favorable light.” For some, this seems to be an unwritten privilege bestowed upon you.

You know there is no such thing as privilege and that if you want something, you must reach with value to earn it. Everyone can have it, even you.

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