Q0423A Philosophy 101 at Honolulu Community

Introduction to Philosophy 101 Course
Philosophy 101 with Chris Ann Moore, Honolulu Community

07 – The Sophists Relativism

Chris Ann Moore, 07 – The Sophist Relativism (YouTube; 56:45)

Talking Points

  • Just because something is true doesn't mean it should be that way. Observation may not be complete, or understanding doesn't make something true for all people.
  • All cultures have fundamental and universal values, while some have unique characteristics of morality.  Relativism has drawbacks that are found in the discussion of ideas.


  • Sophist, a teacher in ancient Greece in the fifth and fourth centuries BC. Specializing in one or more subject areas.  Teaching the application of moral law for the benefit of individuals. A scholar or thinker.
  • Relativism, a family of philosophical views which deny claims to objectivity in a particular domain of knowledge. Relies on a variety of perspective to understand, cultivate, and reason an expression of truth.