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Q0423A Philosophy 101 at Honolulu Community

Discover The Fundamental Questions on Reason, Existence, and Knowledge To Better Understand the Human Mind

When you understand how people think, you can better move through this world based on knowledge. Transform your mind to see what others do not know and reveal what is true to all people.

As a result of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand core belief systems from history to present,
  • Discover how different cultures thinking is influenced,
  • See how humans interact through belief systems,
  • Learn how to question your current understandings,
  • Improve critical thinking and information literacy,

Benefit from this fantastic teacher as you receive practical insights that influence behavior. Learn new ways to interoperate questions to ask and problems to solve over the ages of human nature.

Presented by Professor Chris Ann Moore with commentary and lessons in this tutorial by Strategic Consultant Justin Hitt.  Advice for implementation is the sole responsibility of Justin Hitt. It does not reflect the producers' opinions of this video content.

Video content from Honolulu Community College under separate Copyright 2013, used in partnership under fair use.  For more programs, subscribe to the Honolulu CC EdTechCenter YouTube channel.

[This presentation does not contain accompanying web lessons and questions from the original program.  All supplemental materials originate from INSIDE STRATEGIC RELATIONS editorial staff.]

Chris Ann Moore is a Professor in the Philosophy department at the University of Hawaii: Honolulu Community College. Made presentations at The Hawaiian Institute for Human Rights (2003) on Women's Rights as Human Rights and at The United Nations Association on The Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Both presentations were in conjunction with International Women's Day.  Author of “In Pursuit of Happiness: An Introduction to Ethics” (2004). Contact her at chrismoo(a) or by telephone (808) 845-9424.

Justin William Hitt is a Strategic Consultant who helps clients transform business relationships into profits.  Author of hundreds of reports and research around human influence, behavior, and operational risk.  Contact him at or by fax at (877) 486-8461.