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Anti-Guru Reveals Hidden and Unpublished Insights As His Free Gift To Smart Producers Like You

Have you ever done a lot of something with limited benefit, yet you knew you could be doing more with that effort?  Nobody is perfect, especially not me.

For more than 20 years I answered thousands of client’s questions which never went beyond this private audience.  A library of materials, hidden, at least until now.

This includes questions they asked, should have asked, or were too scared to even mention.  Audio and video capturing insights in a compelling way.

Topics including:

  • How to create and keep profitable customers,
  • Secrets to becoming a recognized expert instantly,
  • Unusual ways to cultivate profitable relationships,
  • Getting compliance from large teams and vendors,
  • Unlocking hidden profits in business and life,
  • Means that gets you instant influence,
  • How to communicate clearly and confidently,
  • Critical thinking skills that pay in any market,

(and so on!)

I’ve been using audio recordings for years very effectively.  Rather than a phone call; I could address a client’s challenge from an airport, the back of a town car, or in my hotel room. 

Like a Lawyer, my secretarial team could draft and send letters while I did billable work.  All from the power of a portable audio recorder or notepad.

With frequent travel I could still knock out a rough draft of an entire program in 3-4 hours.  Then my office would transcribe it, format, and provide to my client.  This kind of efficiency turned around answers clients needed to get results.

One idea created $25,000,000 USD for a client, in a hearable way, without an hour-long meeting.  They got a complete plan and started even before I was on site.  Today the opportunity is even greater if you don’t make the mistakes I’ve made.

Stop Making This Common Mistake to Finally Unlock Your Influence

Have you ever had a good idea that died in your mind because it never saw the light of day?  Worse, that idea was so good you hated yourself when the “other guy” beat you to market.

All you could do is sit back while they were praising them, holding him up as an expert, even though you’ve had the idea for years.  I’ve felt that frustration because I’ve been private about so many great insights.

Fortunately, I used audio, video, and written reports to inform my clients.  They got the results desired, and I quietly reaped rewards beyond my youth.  It never occurred to me that those experiences were cultivated by audio and video my mentors created years before.

It was those books, reports, and collective knowledge that made possible my contributions to solving problems clients so desperately faced.  Those ideas that I held in my mind, feared sharing, and often held so close nobody knew that I knew.

Don’t get me wrong.  As a consultant, business analyst, and producer, I received handsome reward.  Yet an idea shared in a market isn’t going to diminish that idea in my own mind.  In fact, it only makes it stronger.

A big mistake was not sharing these materials beyond the client who asked the question or commissioned the solution.  Yes, there is a strategic advantage first movers gain.  I missed the scale of the opportunity then, but good fortune has smiled upon you.

Because of how I collected these insights – now years later I can share concepts that still work today.  However imperfect the delivery, this is my gift to you.

Secrets to Becoming A Recognized Expert

You know something that benefits others, yet it is trapped in your mind.  Do you ever see solutions to common problems and wonder why folks are so stupid not to simply solve them?  That’s okay, I used to feel that way too.

I didn’t realize when creating these materials that some knowledge is common, just not common to everyone.  That’s why clients invested so much and so readily.

Even though I learned something from experience on one job, that doesn’t guarantee the next client also knows the answer.  Certain value came from cross pollination of good ideas supported by practical application.

Like many high-income professionals, being able to transform ideas into solutions has high value in the market.  I was earning $98,000 a year as a 20-something kid pre-2000 with no college degree.

Those who want results don’t care how something is packaged if the content serves the need.

Publishing white papers within my niche made me the first choice when it came to solving problems for clients.  By profiling customers success, best practices, and those solutions I’ve implemented many times positioned me as a recognized expert.

Because of market demand, I couldn’t sit around writing reports.  I’m the guy who recycled his history report on the “Punic War” from elementary to high school.  Clients would pay for practical solutions so I started using audio to speed up responses like lawyers and doctors do.

I maintained engineering notebooks, procedural manuals, and other tools to capture insights that solve problems for clients.  I’d use these materials to promote my consulting yet didn’t know what I know today about information first business development.

In some cases, I've written brief outline, then talked off-the-cuff to specific clients.  Audio and video because a means to a quick rough draft.  And I was also being hired to speak, train, and do demonstrations for private groups.

Imagine a six-figure check for a 35-page analysis report!  This was long before bloggers, podcasters, and the direct to camera crowd.  A time of cassette tapes, printed materials, and non-disclosure agreements.

While in-depth reports included proprietary and confidential information, the audio drafts are quite evergreen. What you’re getting here is excerpts from materials to which I have the rights, yet never thought to use this way.

Recording these sessions provides a raw unedited prospective to my response.  Other times recording was more formal.  While these materials demonstrate expertise, they aren’t polished marketing pieces you’re used to seeing.  More on that later.

Yes, there is profanity, mistakes, and restarts.  Everything was meant for a Transcriptionist and Editor – specific paying clients.  More recent materials have better formed ideas with more stories.  Early materials may include lecture formats.

Age Cultivates Wisdom and Dissolves Youthful Immortality

After several medical problems that drove home the insanity of working around the clock, I realize how much of a slave I was.  On call, 72-hour shifts, and being the last one to leave the building.

All those mentors who got me to where I am today did so through the hindsight of wisdom and experience, rather than the naivety of youth.  There was a reason they asked me to journal, catalog experiences, and keep track of what I have done.

Beyond recording consultations, telephone calls, training presentations, and implementation plans, I also produced internal materials.  These materials improved operational efficiency.

I've extracted key insights from large written reports for newsletter subscribers.  Even teaching before I had the skills to do so in an interesting way.  Evidence of my knowledge of these subjects is that many were recorded on only a few hours of sleep.

Now as a master of my universe, I can do what mentors blessed me with so many years ago.  At the expense of my health I’ve gained so much.  Genetically I horded volumes of resources over the years previously only available to private clients.

Some of these materials may be published after cataloging.  Yet reviewing these materials has done so much for my self-awareness, prospective, and unlock key insights shared here at INSIDE STRATEGIC RELATIONS.

Imagine Traveling Through Time in Space to Meet Your Past Self

You don’t know what you don’t know.  I had no idea that living on 4-hours of sleep for 15-years would be harmful.  It was the boom, real estate bubble, and many exciting assignments that drove me to stay engaged.

Add to that ASD/ADHD, only diagnosed as an adult, I now know why I could stay wired on a topic for days without eating or sleeping.  My TIA stroke in my 20’s was in part from stress, dehydration, and being up for days working on a client assignment.

In one audio I fell asleep.  That would likely be edited out.  After the TIA stroke I did discover some audio that had long pauses and slurred speech that I didn't realize where there when recording. 

It’s fortunate I stuck with speech therapy, yet I didn’t listen to the advice on getting more sleep.  If only for time travel could I warn my past self, but then I wouldn’t be sharing this gift with you today.

Some were cleaned up to be published today.  Because he has expressed interest, I’m paying my kid to do the editing so it certainly isn't professional (yet.)   Maybe he’ll learn something.

Meeting my past self is enlightening.  I hope I can be half the mentor to my son as those who I’ll share with you through these materials.

Some of these materials come from the arrogant self-absorbed brat I used to be.  Others are quite elitist and not suited for today’s politically correct general audience. 

What you’ll find here isn’t for everyone.  Curation focuses on materials that are perfect for subscribers and current private clients.  Use what benefits you most.

To be transparent, when I started noticing the sleep related problems years back.  I didn’t know why.  Cataloging these materials I get emotional about those things I didn’t know from a health and well-being prospective.

While materials are accurate, I was physically and mentally beating myself up traveling three-weeks out of every month.  My clients were sucking the life out of me and getting results for a penitence.  

No regrets just missed opportunities that you can profit from today.  There isn’t much I would change as it is the foundation of who I am today.

Why Our Very Best Is Never Good Enough in Our Own Minds

For some of these materials I was too embarrassed to publish them.  Especially when you see the quality of today's modern tools.  Other materials were restricted from distribution until non-compete and other agreements expired.

At times I didn’t think the materials were good enough to share.  Other times I did recordings to be transcribed, or for a specific private client who invested in my time.  It never occurred to me that these materials might be useful today.

The reason I'm compelled to share this note about “Audio Quality” is because after years of procrastination I'm releasing select materials.  I realize that people who publish Nightingale-Conant quality materials likely (a) have too much free time, or (b) have large teams.

In fact, I've helped clients manage editorial environments, production teams, and work with expert content creators.  That's way more overhead than I'm willing to commit without getting paid in advance.

In the past I’d do things for ego, like my $0.50 a piece business card.  My first “real” book was the result of 10-years’ worth of back issues to INSIDE STRATEGIC RELATIONS and a small editorial team. 

Now I choose my focus by simple cost benefit analysis.  That’s why I’m not publishing everything.  This isn't the best stuff, most relevant to questions I'm receiving. 

Very often looking back on your own work, after even a short passing of time, your judgement is more critical.   That’s because humans tend to judge those around them at a higher standard than their current self.

Your present self is judging a weaker past self.  That past self is mentally a different person.  Time and experience influence your new prospective.

If you have rich experiences, invest in your craft and do those things which demand a high income … then this is literally true.  You are not who you were.

The things that make you a high income professional or entrepreneur transform who you are.  It’s different thinking.  You cannot be above average doing average things or thinking in common ways.

That means the mistakes of the past don’t have to hold you back.  You are a new and renewed person each day without these burdens.

“That was then, this is now.”  I still look at some of these materials and cringe.  Even when topics are as relevant today as they were years ago; I feel compelled to disclaim and head off comments about production quality. 

Yet private clients praise these artifacts with evidence being their investment in me.  As I’m not satisfied with the media quality I reserve the right to take down these materials without notice.

Why Not Do the Work Once and Get Paid Many Times

Since I've already done the work, why not make some of it available?  In every case, I've already been paid to produce these materials.  Sharing excerpts with you in a podcast, blogging, or any other format won’t hurt me.

It's not going to be pretty, frankly it is recycling.  Why not share useful resources to help you solve problems you face? To help you in cultivating influence and business relationships?

Even while advocating “staffing arbitrage” it's not worth the editorial team necessary to process more than 100GB of audio/video dating back as far as 1996.  At least not for 20-minute excerpts.

Especially since I'm not quite sure what is there.  Other materials are backlogging like the podcast that I started but didn't publish.  Technology might be easier these days, yet cost benefit keeps me from diving too deep into “new media.”

While my kid and assistant catalog these materials as a part-time effort, you'll get access to a library of resources that has produced hundreds of millions for clients.  How's that for a gift?

Proceeds from materials packaged into tutorials, home-study, or special reports go their education not my luxury. 

Frankly, I'm making good money in big chunks elsewhere. As easy as it might be, it's not worth me “correcting” sound quality, mistakes, or editing out things that may not be politically correct.

Don’t get me wrong, I have reserved good packages and programs that I’ll make available to private clients.  I’m investing resources revising procedural manuals, training programs, and other resources found in tact – ready for select clients to profit with now.

If you like these materials and want more, I'd be open to having interns curate.  Right now, any video or audio engineers I bring on for clients are worth so much more doing billable activities.

Beware of the Guru Who Seems to Have So Much to Give

I don't understand YouTuber’s, content creators, and so-called gurus who create volumes of materials for themselves.  Even a channel with a million subscribers only makes a few thousand a month.

Why settle for a few thousand a month when you can serve clients to create fortunes?  You are always better off with a hundred clients than ten-thousand fans.  “Likes” are not money in the bank.

It’s like the dating guru who knows 101 ways to pick up girls yet spends Friday night alone with a pint of Haagen-Dazs.  You’ve seen them.  You might accuse me of being one of them. 

Those “smart folk” sharing all they know, demonstrating how little that is. Creating more than $200,000,000+ for clients, $50,000,000 of that during the 2000 recession is enough to teach what I don’t know.

As entrepreneur Jim Straw used to say, “Folks are stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.”  Real experts don’t stand on a street corner talking to everyone.  Top producers create outcomes, not doing something for nothing.

It has been my good fortune to learn mentors who transform ideas into influence.  And I learned so much more investing in their programs. 

From masterminds to home-study, even conferences yield a return on investment.  Every dollar that goes into what they don’t talk about in public has yielded ten to one-hundred times in applied value.

What you get is the raw, untreated insights that I share with thousands of clients over the years.  Evidence from five-figure initial consultations, consulting days, and hired project.  It isn’t everything in my cluttered office – let’s start you somewhere.

I've already been paid to produce these materials once.  Everything that my team bothers to publish is as applicable today as it was 20-years ago.  I’m certainly not your guru, behind these gifts it is “pay to play.”

Newer materials have the same “non-commercial” production quality, not going to pay a team to make it fancy.  Beware of the pimps in new suits.

You Cannot Manufacture the Fundamentals, Truth is Truth

You also get new materials from questions or extracted from larger programs I no longer make available to the public.  Especially if you are a new client, this is value added to your on-going experience.

You may not agreement with what I know to be practical advice.  It is possible outdated notions may have slipped through or that I explained something unclear.  Remember, these materials were for specific audiences to which were engaging me in paid assignments.

For a long time, I've followed the “Do the work once, get paid many times” philosophy of in demand consultant.  There isn't any editorial team cranking out materials today as I've had in the past or may have in the future.

If there is something you don’t understand, please don’t waste your time bitching about it.  First, I won’t see it, so trolling me isn’t going to do much.  And if you are serious about getting results in your own life, why not ask a question.

Culture has changed as well.  There is a global desire for “free information” from tire kickers with no intention to do anything other than collect materials.  That’s why I don’t make asking a question easy or instantaneous.

Anything selected here speaks for itself, or ask your questions so that complementary materials may be found.  As Jesus once said, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:11) Understand that unless you are paying, I’m not playing step and fetch.

Because it is not economical to answer specific question with individual who have no means to hire, or desire to act, I reserve the right to ignore you.  If that’s you, then better to get something ugly rather than nothing at all.

What I like most about this medium is that materials can serve you even while I sleep.  Many will find new treasures in what I share, those who take immediate action receive their just rewards.

And sleep is what I need more than your letters about grammar, audio quality, video resolution, or language used.  What's more important than anything is that you get good actionable insights.

Are You Swimming in A Sea of Information Overload?

There is so much garbage and recycling of stale ideas on the internet that it makes me sick.  Evidence: Search on a topic to which you already know the answer.

You'll get a million search results with nothing to say.  The bad advice will shock you.  Commentary, ideas, and advice from unqualified nitwits that don't know how stupid they are.

It's the Dunning-Kruger effect in practice.  Of course, you may listen to these materials and think the same about what is being offered.  At least I didn't tie up billable hours of a valuable team members to make the audio “perfect.”

What you get is more conversational, more direct, fewer cosmetics.  That means new materials get in your hands faster without grammar police mull it over.

If you do find a factual error, then please challenge it.  Share your story, experiences, and expertise by opening a “Help” ticket.  I'll correct my error.  If “I” was always right, then there wouldn’t “you.”

This is the tip of an iceberg of what I share with private clients.  If it turns out to be a time suck as it was in the past, then at least I didn't have seven people dedicated to it.

Don't get me wrong.  Some of this content that I'll be sharing is excellent.  Forgive me, older materials were recorded on devices not much better than a potato by today's standards.

Yet, if you are like me, you don’t need more information.  What you need is results, outcomes, and shit done! 

Don’t expect a regular cadence for publishing these gifts (free materials.) I reserve structure and time on my schedule for paying clients.  Fair enough?

This is what Dan Kennedy calls, “Good enough is good enough.”  I’ve already waited to long to share.  Cataloging these materials at this point in my life is interesting – mass appeal doesn’t warrant hiring a graphics designer. 

Are you waiting till things were better before you got started?  In some areas I certainly was.  Maybe you can relate, “too busy” serving paying clients to share these materials beyond that limited audience.

Now as I clean up my office, I'm setting aside my ego to share these materials after two decades of experience.  These materials no create an opportunity for my kid who is getting into audio and video editing.

Perhaps I’ll create for myself a legacy or babble along like a fool.  You decide.  And, if I don't answer your comment immediately that's likely because I stay off the internet busy working with private clients.

About Hiring Justin Hitt as Business Analyst or Consultant

You cannot call to pick my brain.  I'm only available by paid consultation.  No longer do I work 20-hour days, I don't need to do that anymore.  Neither do my clients.

Hindsight has driven me to turn off the phone, use a calendar, and sit down with a good book.  You’re more likely to find me at the country club after hours, than “catching up on email” so be it.

That doesn’t mean someone won’t hear your cry for help.  If you have questions about what you hear, then ask them, my assistant catalogs responses.  In some cases, they will refer you to other programs, in others they research then queue up a response.

Once a week I sit down, review a short list, then decide if creating something new warrants the effort.  That’s when I might dig into my file cabinet, or search a database to excerpt the most applicable insights already created.

The difference is that I'll create and share it now, rather than 20-years from now.  You'll get your answer, plus so will subscribers of INSIDE STRATEGIC RELATIONS.  You can remain anonymous if you desire.

I’d love to share your success story.  Allow me to be your guiding star, paper mentor, or offer a digital helping hand.  As you grow, it feels good to know I’ve helped.  That’s what my mentors share as the reason they kept helping me (and because I was client to many of them.)

And if I don't know the answer or have no practical experience in that area, I'll refer you to someone who does. Maybe even interview some of my friends, peers, and real experts who complement the topic.

In the rare event you hear these materials and feel compelled to hire me at any cost, then contact my office for details.  While I may consider group Q&A sessions, I'm not looking for a pen-pal nor additional private clients.

The lesson for you is about time optimization.  Are you doing the things that matter most for the outcomes you desire?  Are you getting the most from all you do?  What will be the result of what you choose to do today?

As easy as it is for me to get distracted, I'd rather be working with clients than feeding Googles money machine.  Content marketing is a scam.  I share these materials as my gift to you. Enjoy or not, I've already been paid …

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