079 [ISR] How Informed Citizens Can Turn Around A Bad Government

Some would say that violence is the only necessary way to turn over a lousy government. Others will say violence gets their attention and causes change. Yet, I would argue that it is the least valuable solution.

When You Understand This You Can Transform Nations and Overthrow Bad Governments

Violence only begets violence. If you want to turn around a lousy government, there are more effective ways. Informed citizens know how to influence government without resorting to protests, violence, and unrest.

How to Turn Around a Bad Government Without Violence (YouTube; 18:08)

There isn't a government on this planet with fewer resources than citizens because rules can justify force. That force takes away resources via taxes, regulation, and under the guise of the common good.

To define your personal liberty and freedom it is critical to be an informed citizen. Violence is a trap that makes you the enemy of the less aware, a threat to the masses. Even the most distrusted government can influence the media to frame you as an outsider that deserves harm.

It's Your Civic Responsbility To Recognize The Mistakes That Make Governments Go Bad

But first, you must understand how the government gets the way it gets. Even the best forms of government eventually fail. Some buckle under their own weight, while others breed corruption.

What are the underlying systems of influence that change the government? Why does the government make certain decisions? And how do authoritarians governments become so popular and influential?

This introduction addresses all this and more to turn around a bad government.

Today’s podcast is a starting point for the change. It’s necessary to create the government that you want. In these challenging times, these insights are critical to preserving your freedom.

You can inform yourself as a citizen and discover how to preserve your freedom in the REVERSE BAD GOVERNMENT program. This resource provides practical insights that increase individual freedoms, help you gain political influence, and give you functional approaches to change the government.


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