Cover, How You Can Be More Appreciated

078 [ISR] Here’s How You Can Be More Appreciated

In a world that goes so fast, how do you stay more connected? Do this each year to strengthen your relationships with contacts. Do this to reconnect, cultivate, and keep your contacts fresh.

I am so thankful for my private clients and their investment in my organization. I’m grateful that you took the time to listen to this podcast. And I like to share with you something essential …

You Can Be More Appreciated Showing Appreciation to Others

Out of context, this seems like a gimmick, trick, or ploy to reach out to prospects. If you do this with sincerity, you will warm prospects on your list, yet, you give them something.

What is this simple exercise you do that could transform the power of business relationships? An activity that helps contacts on your lists feel appreciated.

If I can show you how to reactivate lost customers, warm-up prospect lists, and reward existing clients, would you take the time to listen? Of course, you would.

This unusual activity amplifies the value of any relationship. It delivers to your prospects, clients, friends, or family what they’ve always wanted.

And by doing this, you’ll get more appreciation than you can ever imagine.