077 [ISR] Would You See Media Bias Risk Factors?

Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump BOTH agree on the answer to this one question. That question is, “Is there such a thing as media bias?” YES, both would scream, then disagree on everything else.

When you can recognize media bias you become freer. STOP letting mainstream media, television, newspapers, or radio trick you into believing lies.

Why does media bias exist? It exists because it benefits the owners of media channels. News drives advertising revenue, repeat viewers, and pushes the beliefs of channel owners.

Unfortunately, media bias influences your ability to make decisions. This podcast covers how to use media bias to make decisions. Simple clues that help you see and combat media bias to prevent bad decisions.

What is even more powerful is being able to discover what they are not saying. Hidden in what media obscures is new and profitable opportunities for you. Real critical thinking here.

An introduction to the simple skills that help you make better decisions. Let’s stop letting puppet masters trick us with media bias. Finally take control of your own mind to benefit your own interests.


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