039 [ISR] Move Like You’re Going Somewhere

Move Like You're Going Somewhere

My biggest lesson from Boy Scouts is “Move like you are going somewhere!”  Discover why going a steady pace towards a specific goal will get you further faster than any other method.

In a time where most desire instant outcomes, you’ll accomplish more of what matters following these simple steps.  Where are you going?  Are you on the right track?

  1. Your clear plan,
  2. Specific daily action,
  3. Focused movement,
  4. Greatest and best use,
  5. Performance measures,

It doesn’t take as much energy verse the fast stops and starts of an instant gratification approach.  And you’ll get more out of every effort while others see the value of your industriousness.

The time is NOW to do what is necessary.  Stop dilly dallying around on your life’s journey.  Too much potential is already wasted, act right now like you’re going somewhere.


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