037 [ISR] Start Asking Useful Questions

If there was a surefire way to learn anything you want, would you use it? This simple concept helps you get to answers faster. You'll spend more time enjoying results rather than slogging through solutions.

What If You Are Asking Questions The Wrong Way?

With the modern internet, there are so many answers it is overwhelming. But what if you aren't asking the right and helpful questions to move you forward to outcomes. Here are three tips to get you asking the right questions.

Internet research is useless if you don't know how to ask the right questions. Start with a problem statement, then develop a simple root cause, then start your research. This exercise helps you understand the result you desire.

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The value of a question comes from the utility of its answer. Do you get actionable insights? Can you ask a few questions and then get a lot of work done? Most people don't have these skills.

Stop wasting time online and start getting the results you deserve. Use these factors to begin asking helpful questions. You'll start getting answers that help you leap forward to achievement.


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