031 [ISR] Throw Away Your Excuses | N1221A

You're not helping anyone carrying around those excuses. Discover an approach to leave behind these obstacles and start reaching new levels. These insights get you past your lack of success or achievement.

Too many live life of quiet desperation with nothing but excuses to show for their effort. You don't have to face obscurity anymore. Today's episode is about throwing away excuses.

You've been given these excuses by your parents, the government, and even society in general. But you don't have to be a victim. These excuses often say more about the person who gave them to you then your own ability.

  • Do you make excuses for being behind in salary? or for not getting a promotion?
  • What are your reasons for NOT being top of your field or subject matter?
  • Who is doing what you want and getting it seemingly easy?
  • Do you have more excuses than actions?

Today's episode faces the hard truth about what is holding you back. When you discover these insights you'll stop asking for permission and start getting results.

What if you could do more? What if you are on the verge of a new discovery that transforms your prosperity? The first person you need to influence is yourself.

When you shed the excuses that hold you back, you can transform your abilities. You will attract better customers, business partners, and even personal relationships.

No need for a pity party. It might be your birthday but no matter what happens to you, crying is not the best celebration. Now is the time to transform your future by walking away from excuses in your past.

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