What You Can Learn From Listening To Customers

I’m so happy to hear Dell Inc (DELL) has stopped using overseas technical support at the request of their customers. This after I spent over 2 1/2 hours on a technical support call, passed through 5 representatives, only to be told I needed additional information to obtain support. …

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How To Become The Next Technology Leader (Satire)

This satire demonstrates a long-term plan for the use of strategic relations methods correctly implemented but for the wrong purposes. This is a hypothetical situation based on current outsourcing trends and isn’t representational of any real company, nor is it consulting advice.

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Too Much Outsourcing Is Bad For Your Revenue

Help Wanted. Maybe the talk about jobs and the need for more of them is a way to obscure a darker issue: what globalization will ultimately do to the American middle class. By Walter Kirn. [New York Times: Business]

Two things I advocate (and expressed in Walter Kirn’s Help Wanted article) are:

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