The INSIDE STRATEGIC RELATIONS newsletter provides certain business owners and high income professionals insights that cultivate profitable business relationships. Each newsletter issue provides short, focused, insights that overcome obstacles you face daily.

You’ll learn from the publisher’s experience and select guest experts. Each issue focuses on solving critical problems you and your business face daily. Your questions are always encouraged, reply to any issue for powerful resources you can use.

About The Publisher (Your Advocate)

Justin Hitt, a Business Analyst and Publisher, publishing this newsletter for a select group of forward thinking individuals. Justin provides a unique insight from real-world experience, helping drive business relationship principles into profits guaranteed.  His experience has created hundreds of millions in new revenue and tens of millions in cost savings.

Justin has more than a decade of “in the field” experience selling industrial solutions, technology services, and solving meaningful problems. You’ll learn from his mistakes, his successes, and lessons given him by his mentors.


  • Business owners who want greater sales productivity with fewer resources in even the toughest economies worldwide;
  • Selling professionals who want to close more sales, connect with more qualified prospects, or increase¬† sales volume;
  • Directors of marketing who want to improve lead generation effectiveness, cultivate powerful communications channels, and attract new buyers;
  • High income professionals who want greater influence over their own lives and personal freedoms in their ability to grow financially;

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